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Waroeng Kopi Loewak sponsored Garuda Indonesia


Garuda Indonesia Orient Holidays Hong Kong

Waroeng Kopi Loewak pada tanggal 16 September 2011 menjadi sponsor dalam acara Garuda Indonesia di Hong Kong , yaitu Garuda Orient Holidays Hong Kong. Sebuah kerjasama Garuda Indonesia dengan para pelaku wisata , rekan corporate , institusi perhubungan dan wartawan. Kopi Luwak persembahan Waroeng Kopi Loewak hadir sebagai ciri khas exclusive dari Indonesia.


Garuda Indonesia Orient Holidays Hong Kong

Waroeng Kopi Loewak on September 16, 2011 to sponsor the event Garuda Indonesia in Hong Kong, namely Garuda Orient Holidays. A Garuda Indonesia cooperation with the perpetrators of travel, corporate partners, institutions transport and journalists. Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee from Waroeng Loewak present as the exclusive characteristic of Indonesia.

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